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Murder Mystery Kit | New Years Eve | 10-20 Players

Murder Mystery Kit | New Years Eve | 10-20 Players

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Host a New Year's Eve party your friends and family will never forget. Can you and your guests catch a killer loose in a 1960's Monte Carlo casino?

Take a trip back to the swinging sixties with Motown, Spies, Super Villains and Formula One!

This game is the New Year's Eve version of our game Murder in Monte Carlo, also listed.

The Story

Morgan Chance, the owner of the Queen of Hearts casino in Monte Carlo is throwing a lavish New Year's Eve party. The casino is the biggest casino in the world but for all its grandeur, it is the nexus of Monte Carlo’s criminal underworld. The evening promises to be a spectacular event, with a grand champagne reception followed by a much-anticipated performance from the sultry sound of the 60’s, The Divines. The evening will wrap up with the highest-stakes poker game ever seen. However, secret plots, feuding guests and bloody vendettas threaten to plunge the night into chaos.

Gather your friends and family for a roaring party in Monte Carlo's greatest casino.

Make it Immersive!

Pinterest boards to inspire you and your guests on 1960's-themed decorations, fashion and make-up and even era-defining dance moves!

Spotify Playlist to create 1960's vibes


  • Format: Instant PDF Download for you to print at-home. Guest invitations can be sent by popular messaging app.
  • Players: 10-20
  • Theme: Swinging Sixties - a lavish NYE party at a grand casino in Monte Carlo.
  • Characters: 8 Female, 8 Male, 4 Gender Neutral
  • Flexibility for host: You can either know who the murderer is or crack the case with your guests.
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Rating: PG-13 **Contains themes of murder, gambling, drinking, narcotics and romantic ties**

What's Included?

  • Character Sheets
  • Clues
  • Decorations
  • Host Instructions Booklet
  • Invitation from Morgan Chance
  • Guestlist
  • Event poster
  • ‘What is a Murder Mystery Party?’
  • 1960's slang



Aurora Chance – Heiress – Female
Adina Capella – Lead Singer – Female
Morgan Chance – Casino Owner – Gender Neutral
Miles Powers – Formula One Driver – Male
Clarence Luster – Diamond Magnate – Male
Gordon Berry – Record Producer – Male
Dick Dudd – Spy – Male
Eugene Deschamps – Formula One Driver – Gender Neutral
Jean Flores – Artist – Female
Suzie Salazar – Gangster – Female


Indigo Jones - Folk Singer - Female
Hollis Draper - Fashion Designer - Gender Neutral
Zander - Cult Leader - Male
Elodie Carmichael - Singer - Female
Gloria Ballard - Singer - Female
Ron Rickson - Ex-President - Male
Harper P. Rose- Beatnik Writer - Gender Neutral
Randy Le Roux - Artist's Muse - Male
Scarlet De'Ath - Secret Agent - Female
Nick Swagger - Rockstar - Male

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them. Just send us a message and we’ll come right back to you!

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