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Agatha Christie Inspired Murder Mystery Kit | Murder in Little Summerton | 5-15 Players

Agatha Christie Inspired Murder Mystery Kit | Murder in Little Summerton | 5-15 Players

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A serial killer is on the rampage in Little Summerton! The perfect English village has just won ‘Village of the Year’ yet again but behind the quaint façade, the village is under the terrifying grip of a serial killer, the Summerton Slasher.

Can you solve this Agatha Christie inspired 1930s murder mystery? Can you and your guests unmask the killer amongst you before they strike again?

This game is perfect if you want a challenging murder mystery to solve.


Our story takes place on the 21st of June 1934 in the picture-postcard-perfect village of Little Summerton. Monty DeMille, a local-born Hollywood star, has recently returned to the village and is throwing open the doors of their newly renovated Summerton Hall for a magnificent summer party. But a serial killer has the village under a reign of terror. The ‘Summerton Slasher’ leaves indecipherable cryptograms beside their victims and favours unusual murder weapons. But even as the body count rises, the villagers seem to be more concerned with their petty squabbles, elusive buried treasure and divisive local issues such as the proposed new railway. As the villagers gather for the much-anticipated event, the simmering tensions are mounting and threaten to boil over.

Make it Immersive!

Pinterest board to inspire you and your fellow explorers with decoration and costume ideas

Spotify Playlist to transport your guests to an ancient tomb


  • Format: Instant PDF Download for you to print at-home. Guest invitations can be sent by popular messaging app.
  • Players: 5-15
  • Theme: 1930's - a summer party in a quaint English village
  • Characters: 6 Female, 6 Male, 3 Gender Neutral
  • Flexibility for host: You can either know who the murderer is or crack the case with your guests.
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Rating: PG-13 **Contains themes of murder, drinking, romantic ties and a few double entendres**

What's Included?

  • Character Sheets
  • Clues
  • Decorations
  • Host Instructions Booklet
  • Invitation from Monty DeMille
  • Guestlist
  • Newspaper Article
  • Audio File
  • ‘What is a Murder Mystery Party?’
  • 1930's slang



Monty DeMille – Film Star – Gender Neutral
Morgana Golding – Treasure Hunter - Female
Thaddeus Golding – Thespian - Male
Margaret Miggins – Parish Councillor - Female
Neville Fumbleton – Policeman - Male


Tobias Cheetham – Mayor – Male
Belinda Butterworth – Pie Shop Owner – Female
Willy Wilkinson – Parish Councillor – Male
Daisy Cheetham – Florist – Female
Clemence Mercer – Vicar – Male
Darcy Cantona – Opera Singer – Gender Neutral
Lia Cadence – Entrepreneur - Female
Teddy Longhorn – Farmer - Male
Lyra Chatsworth – Librarian - Female
Helier Browne – Antiques Dealer – Gender Neutral

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