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1920's Murder Mystery Kit | Slaughter at the Speakeasy 6-15 Players | Mixed Gender

1920's Murder Mystery Kit | Slaughter at the Speakeasy 6-15 Players | Mixed Gender

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Can you solve this roaring twenties murder mystery? Head to Last Orders, a swanky speakeasy where bootleggers, gangsters, silent film stars and showgirls party with wild abandon, until there is a shot in the dark…

Get your glad rags on and throw a night in you'll never forget, with this easy to set up murder mystery party. And the host can play too, without knowing who the murderer is!

The Story

It’s the roaring twenties in prohibition America. The sale, possession and consumption of alcohol is illegal, but the taps are still pouring. Fellas and flappers are revelling to the sound of jazz in speakeasies all over town, drinking ‘giggle-water’ and dancing the Charleston. Prohibition has given rise to the bootlegging business, and nobody does it better than notorious crime boss Mitzy Malone. Mitzy is ‘untouchable’, with politicians, cops and clubs all in her pocket.

That's until the Batch 888 tragedy, when 121 people drop dead at a speakeasy in town, poisoned by bootlegged liquor cut with industrial alcohol. The word on the street is that the bad hooch came from Mitzy’s gang, but any evidence or witnesses mysteriously ‘disappear’. Fear begins to spread throughout town like hot embers over dry kindling; there are rumours of a ‘snitch’ grassing on all those complicit in bootlegging, rival bootleggers are jostling to replace Mitzy as the ‘big cheese’, and alliances between moonshiners, the cops and politicians are fraught. Nobody trusts nobody.

Tonight, you’re going to the Last Orders speakeasy for a glitzy last hurrah, made even more hedonistic by the fact that it’s the only joint in town yet to be raided. But it’s not all fun and games; everyone is sure to be on the lookout for the mysterious ‘snitch’, and watching their backs as the fraught atmosphere after Batch 888 threatens to ignite into an all-out mob war.

Make it Immersive!

Pinterest boards to inspire you and your guests on roaring 20’s-themed fashion, make-up, decorations, and even era-defining dance moves!

Spotify Playlist To transport you back to the 1920’s. After all, it don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!


  • Format: Instant PDF Download for you to print at-home. Guest invitations can be sent by popular messaging app.

  • Players: 6-15 - An extra 3 characters also available upon request (18 players total)

  • Theme: Roaring 20’s Speakeasy

  • Characters: 7 Female, 6 Male, 2 Gender Neutral

**If you need to replace some male characters with females, just message us on Etsy and we can do that for you - or alternatively search for our all female version of the game in our shop**

  • Flexibility for host: You can either know who the murderer is or crack the case with your guests.

  • Duration: 1.5 -2 hours, with some flexibility

  • Rating: PG-13 **Contains themes of murder and drinking **

What's Included?

  • Character Sheets
  • Clues
  • Decorations
  • Host Instructions Booklet
  • Invitation to the Last Orders Speakeasy
  • Backstory
  • Guestlist
  • 7 Posters
  • Audio File
  • ‘What is a Murder Mystery Party?’
  • 1920's slang



Mitzy Malone - Bootlegger – Female
Lucky Luger - Bootlegger - Female
Vivian Devine – Speakeasy Owner - Gender Neutral
Betsy Bow - Flapper - Female
Duke Jump – Jazz Singer – Male
Peter Parch - Politician - Male


Franklin Wright - Journalist – Male
Greta Glint – Wall Street Banker – Female
Jordan Ferrante - Railway Tycoon - Gender Neutral
Emmett Astor – Heir – Male
Opal Pintaro - Artist – Female
Herbie Hendricks - Moonshiner – Male
Genevieve Baker - Showgirl – Female
Tallulah Dove – Silent Film Star – Female
Gregor Payne - Gangster – Male

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them. Just send us a message and we’ll come right back to you!

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